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About Us

Family History

In 1894, the two youngest of five brothers, Giacamo and Donato Leopardi left their homeland of Sulmona, Italy and crossed the ocean with dreams of opportunity in America... Giacamo Leopardi spent his life laboring in the coal mines of West Virginia, his son Fury worked as a carpenter. Anthony Leopardi, son of Fury and grandson to Giacamo, is no stranger to hard work. Anthony has spent his life in the construction business, first as a carpenter himself, and then a successful businessman. Anthony is the founder and president of Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida. 

Anthony married Gina in 1967 and they had 6 children. They have 19 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Anthony has always felt great pride in his Italian heritage. 

His wife Gina came from a family of chefs and there started his love for food. 

Anthony Leopardi’s main passion is his love for Jesus Christ who is His Savior and Lord. His relationship with Jesus is the Cornerstone for everything he does. His next passion is for his family. Somewhere after his love for Jesus and his family are his deep desire to serve others. 

Leopardi’s has been a lifelong dream of Anthony’s – an opportunity to take his love for great Italian food and combine it with outstanding service, giving people the service and quality they won’t find anywhere else. After a lifetime of making dreams come true in other people’s kitchens, he is finally ready to welcome you into his. Like so many others, Giacamo and Donato did not know what awaited them on the other side of the ocean. They came with hope and a prayer. Two generations later, I think they would be proud of the Leopardi legacy . . . hard work and opportunity. Leopardi’s is an extension of Anthony and Gina’s kitchen – a place where all are welcome to enjoy friends, family, and the best food around.